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Beyond the Record: Welcome! Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you're from and where you're living now. 
Amber Long: I currently live in Toronto, Canada. I’m a Vocalist Producer in the electronic music industry and have been doing it for over a decade now. I’ve been touring quite a bit to play internationally and really am excited to bring my music to more places in the world. 
BtR: There are many artists who come to love music early on in life. At what age did you fully pursue music and do you feel as though your childhood played a role in your love for music? 
Amber Long: When I was little, I used to sing with my dad. I DJ’d teenage pop and chip parties with cassette tapes and then as life went on and technology advanced, it only seemed natural that I was drawn to things like recording, producing, collaborating and touring. 
My childhood definitely played a role in my love for music. My father wrote my mom a song for every anniversary, they’ve been married 50 years now. I’ve always been surrounded by it, taking lessons, joining choirs, you name it. It’s in my blood. 
BtR: Would you say that you started off as a DJ or producer? 
Amber Long: Definitely a producer.  I had to learn to DJ to play the music I was making or collaborating on. 
BtR: Out of all the placed you have played, which of the venues/cities are your favorite and what is the best part about the experience? 
Amber Long: Every new place has its beautiful attributes and I don’t believe in a bad gig. Every gig teaches me something new about music lovers and people of this world and since music is a universal language, it’s like I can communicate with anyone. 
BtR: If we had to go labeling the music, I feel as though it is hard to pin point where you fit on a spectrum. If you could label your music as one genre, what would it be? 
Amber Long: I dapple in all things electronic. 😊
BtR: And as far as a genre goes, what and who are your inspirations to make music? 
Amber Long: I really appreciate well-written lyrics. Music with great lines and catchy chord changes are perfect for inspiration for writing my own lyrics. When producing though, it’s a whole different web of skills I use and it’s like a different person comes out. I listen to all kinds of music, all the time.
BtR: What is the most interesting experience you have had in your music career? Touring, Recording, Ect. 
Amber Long: Definitely touring. It is a rush and I find myself in the craziest places with my brain going overtime, always making it out relatively unscathed. It’s the best part of the job.
BtR: Do you think people respond to the message in your music differently because you're a woman? 
Amber Long: Maybe but only because they’re looking for a female vocal track, not because of who I am. I don’t find people treat me differently within my circle of peers. 
BtR: I guess as a follow up question, do you think there is a lack of female producers in the industry? 
Amber Long: That seems to be a common question and it raises the question, if we are so busy looking, why? I think there are a lot of women making music, trying things at home, even young girls nowadays. We have to give the industry time to breathe new blood. 
With more females having access to the tools, it gives them the opportunity to learn just like their male counterparts. Is you want something, you make it happen!
BtR: As far recording your music, take us through the recording process of your latest release. 
Amber Long: The process is that I agree to collaborate with a producer and then work with them until the release is out, including promotion or even signing it to my label, Modern Agenda. I record my own vocals and often arrange them for the producers so they have the concept. Some keep the arrangement, some do their own. 
For productions, it takes me months to make a track, but once I get into it, it becomes really psychedelic and an out of body experience, not to sound cheesy. 
BtR: There are quite a few artists and producers that have hidden messages in your music, while others are very open. Which of your songs is the most personal to you? 
Amber Long: Sofia will always be special, My Soul came at a time I had to rebuild, Forgive Me made me a player in the industry, there are really too many at this point to name. 
BtR: Take us through some of the lowest moments in your music career but also in your personal life.
 Amber Long: Lowest, eh? Well, sometimes being an artist comes with a price of zero financial security, that is always a battle. Another thing, I got sick once and had to take time off and it really bothered me a lot. I learned without my health, I have nothing and now make it a priority. 
BtR: On the flipside, what have you overcome that you are most proud of? What success have you had?
 Amber Long: I have a lot of fun living my life. It isn’t always an easy road, or one I can predict but maybe that is part of the fun. I’m proud of the fact that I keep going in a world that a lot of people quit. 
BtR: What is next for you? 
Amber Long: I’m headed to Europe this summer to play in Greece and prepping for Amsterdam Dance Event in the fall. My label has a couple parties and is hosting many artists. I can’t wait!

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