Aaron Beri


This record is the latest addition to Aaron Beri's most recent collection of songs and is a contribution to the world of underground pop. Featuring an honest and brave nine songs that dive deep into the creative mind of Beri, we are left with quite an honorable release. Where spoken poetry entwines itself in the musical realm and is sitting among some other great artists that have come before him.

With Avalanche, he delivers to his fans, which is a number that continues grow at a rapid pace. With a following that is more dedicated than most, we are sure to see more who follow in his path and journey to the top. While he may consider himself to be independent and from the underground, it is only a matter of time before he breaks those barriers.

From track to track, Aaron portrays himself as an individual with incredible depth. The lyrical themes from Connected, to the last song on this record, leaves you with a haunting feeling that I could not comprehend. It's quite an eager record, to say the least; it's an attempt to be that of the pop genre, which in most cases, appears to be watered down. However, Avalanche somehow bypasses this common mistake with music that is purely from the soul and even vibes with the emotional sides of my soul. After listening repeatedly, I found that for a pop album, this was too emotional not to have some fillers. It's surprisingly dark and takes from both sides of the spectrum. The silky smooth vocals ride just above the realm of which the music sits. Perfectly balanced production and consistent in quality.

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